Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

novembre 10, 2017 - Yoga workshops Yoga retreats
Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

English & French speaking –  06 19 97 18 97


Journée anniversaire Yoga 2015_copie7Yoga Center Fleur de Lotus offers yoga classes, workshops and retreats all along the year in a beautiful place situated in a very nice & quiet village of Auvergne. 




During school holidays, a yoga workshop take place every thursday morning from 9h30 to 11h30 AM (booking is required – 22€) . Holidaymakers can also take part in other activities of the center. Open to all – Contact : 06 19 97 18 97




IMG_6065 - CopieNadege Chable (english speaking) is an experienced teacher and is certified from Christophe Steiger Yogatheray School, Montreux, Switzerland (ayurvedic yoga). 
 Ayurvedic yoga is suitable for all whatever your age or physical condition and doesn’t require special flexibility or experience

 Second degree in Kriya Yoga with Yogacharya Siddhananda Sita

Student at American Institute of Vedic Studies in « Ayurvedic healing courses » (University of Dr David Frawley)

Student in « Yoga of Sound  » with Patrick Torre Institut des Arts de la Voix


Yoga Retreats (Summer 2018)

Discover the peace within you when you slow down with the therapeutic method of Hatha Yoga of Paramapadma Dhiranandaji. Nadège Chable is a yoga teacher graduated from the Hatha Yoga School of Christophe Steiger – lineage of Master Yogi Dhirananda – Montreux – Switzerland. She will guide you smoothly through a practice that will provide a great opportunity to leave your stress, anxiety … behind in order to create a space in which you can explore yourself and nourish your inner being

3 days retreat (soon on the site)

5 days retreat  (soon on the site)


Yoga Workshops – Chamonix – 2017/2018

 Vkrsasana22017/2018  – Open to all

 Ananda Yoga Studio –  283 Montée Charles Bozon, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc




Blanc lotusYoga in India is used to prevent disease, maintain vitality and enhance the development of higher awareness. It enables the understanding of the correlation between the microcosm and the macrocosm: between man and the universe. It covers all aspects of what constitutes a human being and includes physical postures, ethical discipline, breath control, sensory practices, affirmations, visualisation, mantra repetition and meditation. Within this synergy, Yoga adapts itself respectfully to your needs.





Ayurvedic yoga is a great toolbox that allows to build inner muscles and to strecht gently and deeply, to make progress in your personal life, to get greater serenity, to get rid of your negative tendancies, to learn to live your emotions, to relieve daily pains or chronical pains, to enhance sport performance, to feel better and in harmony with yourself, others and your environment, without violence.



Every 2 months  a week-end of 3 workshop (2 hours) take place in Chamonix :  perfect for people who cannot follow a weekly course but nevertheless wish to have a regular practice to make progress in their life. A monthly workshop is also beneficial for those who want to broaden their knowledge alongside a weekly course or wish to deepen a particular topic. You will receive the teaching content of your workshop by mail if you feel practising at home.Hotel EXCELSIOR

Schedule Options:  3 workshops of 2 Hours each every week-end – You choose your time as you prefer : Friday : 7h00/9h00 PM – Saturday : 9h30/11h30 AM  & Sunday : 9hh30/12h00 AM 

Dates : 2018 : Vendredi 26 Janvier/Samedi 27 Janvier/Dimanche 28 Janvier : « Nettoyage yoguique » – Vendredi 23 Mars/Samedi 24 Mars/Dimanche 25 Mars :  « Detox du printemps en ayurveda » – Vendredi 26 Mai/ Samedi 27 Mai/Dimanche 28 Mai : « Muditā : joie et compassion ».

Every student receive a questionnaire to know its constitution (Doshas questionnaire) & will be able to adapt its health practices : food, forms of yoga, special yoga exercices, plants… 

Price : 22€ each workshop –  Subscription for 5 workshops : 20€ each  – Subscription for 10 workshops : 18€ each  – Subscription is valid from Septamber 2016 to June 2017

Several courses can be attended during each  week-end: 1 workshop : 22€ – 2 workshops  : 20€ each & 3 workshops  : 18€ each. (Each workshop is focus on a the same theme during the week-end but with different exercices) Athletes can benefit of special advice. –  06 19 97 18 97


Yoga Workshops in Auvergne 2017/2018 – Connangles

Akarna Dhanusasana_copie




Yoga Workshops are meant for people who want to take time for themselves in order to practice for a longer period than a weekly class. It is also the opportunity to have a better knowledge on a particular point of Yoga


2017 /2018 : Schedule soon

Prices : 45€ – Subscription for 5 : 40€ each –  Subscription for 5 10 : 30€ each

Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

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