Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

English & French speaking –  06 19 97 18 97

Yoga Center Fleur de Lotus offers yoga classes, workshops and retreats all along the year in a beautiful place situated in a very nice & quiet village of Auvergne. 

Nadege Chable (english speaking) is an experienced teacher and is certified from :

  • Christophe Steiger Yogatherapy School, Montreux, Switzerland (ayurvedic yoga).  Ayurvedic yoga is suitable for all, whatever your age or physical condition and doesn’t require special flexibility or experience
  • Yoga du son : Institut des Arts de la Voix
  • Second degree in Kriya Yoga with Yogacharya Siddhananda Sita
  • Studies in Ayurvedic healing courses at the American Institute of Vedic Studies  (Dr David Frawley University)
  • Mantra Purusha : Ayurvedic mantras


Yoga Retreats (Summer 2022)

Summer is a great time too slow down and take care of oneself  : yoga is a wonderful wellness method and a time for oneness connectedness. If  you take time for a yoga retreat at Fleur de Lotus Yoga Centrer, you will appreciate a soft and deep practice where you will reconnect at what is essential in your life. Ayurvedic Yoga from the Indian tradition by Yogi Dhiranandaji lies-in its ability to treat the whole person. Nada yoga will accentuate the effects and emphasizes on the sacred aspect of the practice. 

Yoga retreats – Summer 2021 –

3 days retreat : July 2022 : 22 – 23 – 24

Your Shedule : Friday : 13h00/17h00 ; Saturday : 9h30/12h30 – 16h30/18h30 ; Sunday : 9h30/12h30

5 days retreat : August 2022 : 05 – 06 – 07 – 08 – 09



Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats 2022

Yoga workshops – Yoga retreats

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